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Types Of Digital Signage Solutions And Their Features

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The world has witnessed a huge development in terms of digital signage solutions from the day, they were first introduced in the markets and currently, you will find a huge plethora available in the markets. There are basically four types that can be very effective in terms of marketing and business promotions and here, in this post, we will go through some features of all these 4 variants.


Indoor Digital Display

  • According to those dealing in microphone hire deals, etc., this version is particularly used by the businesses that involve providing a list of services, messages and notices to their consumers, customers, etc.
  • With this version, it is very easy to gather and then, distribute the information that you want to cater to your customers and moreover, you don’t have to find them one by one.
  • The biggest feature is that this is super-easy to use and this feature makes this version ideal for businesses like restaurants, welcome areas, colleges and universities, and other service centres.

Digital Posters

  • This version of digital signage solutions is known as the cheapest, yet very effective and an all-in-all solution used by the modern-day businesses.
  • Its biggest USP is that it uses High-Definition displays with a built-in media player that can recognize memory cards.
  • Moreover, there is no requirement of installing it into the network as a matter of fact that it can act independently.

Digital Menu Boards

  • According to those catering services related to audio visual equipment hire, this version comes with the feature of being able to work on its own and even when it has been in the network.
  • This version uses an LCD monitor with a media player that can either be linked to a network or on to the LCD monitor itself.
  • This type of digital signage solutions are preferred the most by restaurant and bar owners who are in need of several displays and constant updates.

Outdoor Dynamic Digital Signage Solutions

  • The net version that we have here can be placed in the outdoors and can be connected to the network.
  • This set-up is basically placed in an LCD enclosure to protect it from the harsh elements of nature.
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